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Farmers Supply - offering the highest quality supplies and services for Arkansas farmers since 1954.

Farmers Supply was established in 1954 by E.J. Hosey and Bill McDonald. The business started as a feed and seed store in downtown Marvell. In a few years, the company began handling grain and operating grain elevators. The business soon expanded into chemicals, fertilizer, and ag lime application. In 1966, Farmers Supply purchased property at the edge of Marvell and built their first grain elevator. In 1968, the company expanded into Lee County when they acquired and began operating a grain elevator in Aubrey. In 1972, a seed conditioning plant was constructed and warehouses were added throughout the years to accommodate the growing business. In 1976, the company relocated into a new store building at the present location. The company has been under the management of Gene Hosey and Chris Kale since 1990. Managers: Chris Kale and Gene HoseySince then, the company has gradually improved and updated their seed conditioning plant in order to offer the highest quality of seed available. Grain handling capacities at both Marvell and Aubrey have been significantly increased. In 2000, Farmers Supply acquired the ADM elevator in Marvell, significantly increasing grain handling capabilities. To handle the increasing corn acreage in our area, new tower dryers were added at Marvell and Aubrey in 2002 and 2003. And in 2003, we began handling "High Performance" Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers to offer our customers the latest in plant nutrition technology. Farmers Supply intends to continually update and improve their facilities and equipment in order to keep up with the demands of modern farming operations and to be able to offer the level of service and quality their customers deserve.